Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Toronto, Ontario   |   Full Time

About Pathcore

Pathcore is a Toronto-based software company specializing in digital pathology image management and workflow solutions.  We strive to modernize and improve the practice of pathology with smart, sleek, web-based applications.

About the Position

We’re looking for a driven and experienced Sales and Marketing Coordinator to join our team. A communicator at heart with the willingness and skill to command a diverse palate of marketing activities in the digital pathology space. Our ideal candidate has the courage to contribute new ideas, the enthusiasm to learn lots (digital pathology is cool, trust us), and the responsibility to meet deadlines and work hard without supervision.

Backed by a strong foundation in writing and communication, the candidate will ideate, manage, and track a variety of marketing collateral, both digital and traditional.  In collaboration with the sales team, the candidate can expect to handle newsletters, Tweets, tradeshow logistics, website content, CRM, and much more.  If there’s something we’re not doing, that’s your chance to impress! Those looking for a role where they can contribute and learn in equal measure will fit in fast.


  • Develop and maintain customer databases and advertising campaigns

  • Manage company email and social media accounts

  • Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing marketing and sales data

  • Work with sales team to support communication activities and account management

  • Contribute to content for newsletters, blogs, white papers, and customer stories

  • Lead the production of design elements for marketing material


  • 1-3 years of experience in a sales and marketing related role

  • Strong knowledge and experience using digital and social media platforms

  • Excellent written and verbal communication

  • Strong time management and organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple tasks and projects simultaneously

  • Familiar with Google analytics 

  • Proficiency with social media analytics

Screening Test - (Required)

To prove you’re a capable communicator, attach a revision of this passage in addition to your resume and cover letter.  Please revise for errors, readability, and clarity.

"From the moment you walk into Food Basic’s, it will become clear to you that the store’s focus is more on presenting everything in a familiar fashion as opposed to being stylized and unique, like a store such as Longo’s.

    To start, Food Basic’s isn’t trying to do anything special with it’s lighting.  The entire store is well lit, meaning no matter where you are you should feel comfortable.  Because all of the lighting is even, there isn't really room to create standout locations for sales of specials, which is another example of how Food Basic’s covers the bare minimum in the store design.  As for the aesthetics, Food Basic’s could be considered bland or plain.  The only recurring color is green, and its noticeable no matter where you are in the store (even the employees wear green).  The effect of this is that, despite not having any remarkable visuals, you can still easily distinguish Food Basic’s from other stores, showing that there is good use of personal branding"

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